About Us

Chumlet Safaris is owned and run by professional hunter and outfitter Tyrone Milne, who will provide you with personalised attention throughout your safari, whether it be on a plains game safari or on the trail of one of Africa’s notorious dangerous game species. 

Chumlet Safaris predominantly operates in Southern Africa, including South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.  All safaris are tailor made to client specifications; providing a variety of accommodation types and safari packages.

Tyrone was born in Dundee, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. A small town situated amongst cattle and game farms. His family home was on the outskirts of town and this allowed him to slip off into the adjacent bush to collect all manner of creatures to amuse himself and feed his enquiring mind, and thus commenced his love of nature. Tyrone took to studying a Nature Conservation Diploma part time in 1985, while employed by the Department of Mineral and Energy Affairs.  During the course of his studies a fellow student and mentor, John Abrahams of Madubula Safaris, invited him to assist him on an international safari, which resulted in Tyrone serving a three year apprenticeship, and finally writing his professional hunters examination in 1993.  Tyrone was then permanently employed by Madubula Safaris until 1999, and in 2000 he took the great leap of starting his own safari company, Chumlet Safaris, which has been running successfully since, catering to both local and international clients, whether they be meat or trophy hunters. Tyrone also offers package hunts and “cull” (management) hunts.